I have always been a massive fan of MythBusters. So today I thought I would take a leaf out of Jamie and Adam’s notebook and bust one of the most recycled arguments used against diversity in the film industry. Money.

Hollywood sets the global standard for the film industry, but when their mindset becomes all business and no social responsibility we have a problem. It’s an argument we‘ve all heard in one form or another.

“We live in a profit-driven society; that’s just how it is.”

“There are just not enough famous minority actors to bring a film to the box office!”

“Film companies only care about profits and diversity doesn’t sell; it’s nothing personal.”

We are inundated with excuses like these on a daily basis- as film experts and audiences alike try to define the film industries lack of diversity as a ‘pure business move.’

The 2016 Hollywood diversity report: Busine$$ as Usual has proven that movies with diverse casts hold more success and gain higher ratings! The study showed that the 2014 median box figure for a cast with 41-50% ethnic minority was $122 million, while the median for a 10% ethnic minority cast was only $52.6 million.

With all facts considered, I would say money is on the side of diversity. And if diversity is not the factor jeopardising a film’s profit, there should be no issue with casting a more accurate depiction of society onscreen.

So let’s set the way for the world! Once we begin treating our reality as a normality, our films can depict accurate and enriching stories of the real Australia.

Is there anymore film diversity myths you want the Reel Stories team to bust? Let us know in the comments!