This show is definitely a step in the right direction for Australian TV! It is great that ABC is opening a platform for discussion. Once minority voices begin to be heard, the narrative in the media can begin to change for the better!


Colour Australian TV

This year the ABC began broadcasting “You Can’t Ask That”, a documentary where groups that are often misunderstood, marginalised and stereotyped by society are asked questions they are often asked out of ignorance or arrogance. This week’s episode involved asking Indigenous Australians about “what do we call you”? “What free stuff do you get from the government?” and “why are there so many Aboriginal alcoholics?”

The blunt nature of the show is pretty different to anything else on TV right now, it focuses on candid answers and interactions between the guests.

It is a re-affirming message seeing shows like “You Can’t Ask That” which address Australia’s intolerance in the midst of all the Bachelor, Neighbours and Home and Away shows that Australians tune into everyday however it brings up an interesting question, is Australian Media ever going to be tolerant enough that we see diverse groups regularly on television beyond…

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