When I hear the term ‘atrociously funny’ the first movie that crosses my mind is Sausage Party. Best known for its R-ratings and pixar-esque style; the film is definitely not your average run-of-the-mill cartoon.

Check out the trailer here to see what I mean:

While it is certainly not for everyone, there is no denying that Rogen and Goldberg’s first R-Rated CGI animation definitely thinks outside the box (or should I say hotbox?). I mean it’s not everyday you watch food discover its place in the food chain!

After viewing the movie I walked away with a pretty crazy idea in my head. What if ‘Sausage Party’ had a transgender character?

Representation comes in all forms and it can be just as important in an R-rated satire comedy as it is in any other genre. A transgender food could allow people to gain more of an understanding and insight into what lies beyond the label.

Food characters have the potential to be used in a powerful metaphor, and I believe the inclusion of a transgender character could offer great representation if done correctly. Such an inclusion could offer a clear and straight forward perspective on the negative impact labels can have when they don’t correlate with a persons feelings.

At the end of the day these caricatures could really be used as a simple way to explain a situation.

The movie was definitely left with an open-ending, so who knows, this might be the perfect character to introduce in the sequel!

If anything this can be food for thought.. no pun intended.