A few years ago, the words ‘binge watching’ and ‘streaming’ were not even a part of our vocabulary. But oh how times have changed!

Streaming video services (like Netflix and Stan) have truly altered the entertainment industry and as a result of their power, we are now seeing more and more people choosing to click onto a digital subscription site, over the use of their television set.

So why are consumers so attracted to these online subscription platforms?

This shift in behaviour raises a lot of questions, and while there are many logical responses, for me the most successful factor of their strategy is ‘original content’.

As the years go on and sites like Netflix continue to grow, I find the inclusion of box office movies becomes less of a desired factor and the original, exclusive content, has become the thing to keep audiences invested.

And what is the common denominator amongst all of these original shows?


“Where else can you find an original series about a family whose patriarch decides to become a matriarch, or about a Colombian man who runs a cocaine empire, or about a women’s prison and its inmates?” (Boboltz, 2016)

The stories are truly enriching and feel quite different to anything else on television.

Streaming sites have a major advantage- the non-traditional structure of these channels has provided them with a freedom in creativity. This has ultimately offered them a blank canvas that is not limited by industry rules and traditions.

In many ways the risk in traditional media is the reward in the digital sphere. Allowing streaming services to tackle narratives from a new, more open-minded perspective.