Earlier this year, die-hard Ghostbuster fans were far from happy when they heard their favourite movie was going to receive the remake treatment. The trailer quickly became the most disliked in YouTube history and a flurry of sexist comments took over the page.

While I can relate to the dissatisfaction of having yet another remake hit screens, I was more than surprised by the overbearing negative, sexist reaction to the cast.

To me the film has quite the dream team! With a make up of some of the funniest ladies onscreen, ghostbusters is offering the diversity we are missing.   For once the women are not limited to physical traits and are not being projected onscreen for the likes of the male gaze. They are offered the depth and dimension they deserve, and are quickly becoming a great representation for younger generations.

“I took my daughter to see the new ghostbusters movie tonight. She was so excited and told me ‘women can do anything men can do.'” Lori Harasem wrote on Twitter.

Films like this are teaching young girls that they can be their own heroes and that they have the ability to pursue what ever they want in life.

The importance of representation cannot be denied, we need to cease this negativity and embrace the positive impact such a role can create.

Here’s to heaps of mini ghostbusters running around this Halloween!

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