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The Onscreen Race To Equality

Film is meant to offer a reflection of our society, but the overwhelming lack of diversity onscreen is preventing this from becoming a reality. So let's inspire change in the industry and write a better narrative for the world! -MF

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Who You Gonna Call?

Earlier this year, die-hard Ghostbuster fans were far from happy when they heard their favourite movie was going to receive the remake treatment. The trailer quickly became the most disliked in YouTube history and a flurry of sexist comments took... Continue Reading →

Lost In Translation

Representation of disability is so important. The time is now for disabled actors to have more opportunities in the industry!

White As The Default Setting

Hollywood sets the global standard for the film industry, and to maintain its position as the top dog it has not been afraid to let quantity trump quality.

Breaking Away From Hollywood

Subscription sites no longer need Hollywood as their backbone. They are doing just fine on their own!

Food For Thought

Best known for its R-ratings and pixar-esque style; Sausage Party is definitely not your average run-of-the-mill cartoon.

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